Melting Away Fat Pads with Twincretin?

For several years the fitness sector is booming, because both men and women hardly spare any effort to reach their desired figure. However, many of them suffer from persistent problem areas, which can just be reduced insufficiently despite intensive workout. In particularly severe forms of this problem, such as obesity or lipedema, social exclusion, isolation, a considerable psychological distress and a variety of physical diseases (heart diseases, osteoarthritis, diabetes) may be consequences of excess weight.

New approaches in science now give hope to those who cannot reach their figure ambitions only with the help of liposuction, strict diet and training. It nearly sounds too good to be true: A new, artificially produced substance named “twincretin” obviously makes fad pads melt away – however it is currently tested in laboratory rats only.

Twincretin is a complex protein molecule (peptide), which replicates peptide hormones that are important for digestion. It is able to regulate the blood sugar level and to suppress the appetite. Does this ring in a new age, in which the ideal body weight can be achieved without effort? As a reader of my blog you know that the hormonal balance is important for the ideal body weight. Thus there is generally no need for artificial peptide hormones, whose harmlessness of usage in humans would furthermore have to be discussed.

Fortunately the knowledge we already have in our repertoire is sufficient to treat overweight effectively. The reduction of excess kilos and maintenance of the ideal body weight in the long term can nonetheless be protracted and grueling. Therefore many patients decide for a therapy for medically-supported weight loss. The concept for weight loss provided in my clinic is made up of several steps. Because the reason for overweight is often related to hormonal imbalance an extensive analysis of the hormonal and health status is made at the beginning.

During such a weight loss therapy application of bioidentical hormones to remedy hormonal imbalances and to stimulate the metabolism might be useful. For sustainable weight loss in addition a diet change is essential.

Food supplements can also be helpful. Weight Loss Phaseolin, which is made out of white beans, prevents absorption of carbohydrates from the intestine into the body where they are stored in form of fat pads.

Targeted liposuction of problem areas often turns out as reasonable to support losing weight. Fat tissue produces the female hormone estrogen, which causes the storage of fat also in men. A reduction of fat deposits with the help of liposuction can contribute to restoring the hormonal balance. Liposuction should in any case be performed prior to further measures for weight loss, because afterwards additional weight reduction is usually easier and degeneration of excess tissue is stimulated.

Perhaps we will also use therapeutic aids such as twincretin in weight loss once it is clear how they affect the human metabolism. However, to waive sports and to dishonor healthy nutrition would not be an alternative anyway. Not least because high-quality nutrition is a delight itself, physical activity gives pleasure and both increase the quality of life. And this is what finally matters.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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