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Overweight: Thyroid Hormone T3 Facilitates Weight Loss

Study shows influence of the hormone triiodothyronine (T3) on weight loss Vienna (2017-05-17) — There are already more overweight than underweight people worldwide. People affected by overweight and obesity often suffer from osteoarthritis, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes due to years of overloading the body. Attempts to reach and maintain the ideal weight usually fail because the […]

Losing Weight Does Not Work – Is It the Thyroid’s Fault?

A patient suffering from stubborn overweight asks us: Although I strictly adhere to diet and calorie reduction, I do not lose weight. Could this be due to my thyroid gland? The thyroid hormone levels are, however, in the normal range according to my last laboratory test. In fact, a reduced thyroid function is one of […]

Weight Loss: Why Don’t I Lose Weight?

A patient with weight problems writes us: I am 56 years old and living in the U.S. I have approximately 50 kilos overweight – and that despite long-standing diet attempts. Now I hope that your hormone program can tell me the reason why I am steadily failing in losing weight. Comprehensive Analysis of the Current […]

Overweight Due to Lacking Hormones?

Recently a patient once again asked me if hormonal imbalances can cause overweight or conversely overweight can cause hormonal imbalances. Answer: Both can be correct! Thus we have to look closely at each individual case when planning a weight loss therapy. One of the hormone-induced reasons for overweight could be a lack of thyroid hormones […]

Abdominal Fat More Important than Body Mass Index (BMI) Regarding Obesity Risks

A current study of the UMIT private university in Tyrol recommends measuring abdominal fat already in young people to detect risks of heart attack, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular diseases early. The more abdominal fat – also called belly fat or visceral fat – exists, the sooner changes of vascular structures seem to occur. In the […]

Janus Kinase: New Enzyme Found for Weight Loss?

The so-called Janus kinase is an enzyme which transforms white adipose tissue (WAT) into brown adipose tissue (BAT). Brown adipose tissue – unlike white adipose tissue – burns calories in fat cells to produce body warmth. Thereby unloved kilos would quasi melt away! Janus kinase, which up to now played a role as point of […]

WHO Raises an Alarm: Obesity Menaces Europe

The World Health Organization WHO is warning: Europe will be affected by an adiposity epidemic in 15 years. Adiposity is not only connected with a higher risk of cancer (especially colon cancer), but severe obesity is bringing much more health problems with it, which affect the heart, circulation, joints, or metabolism, among others. It seems […]

Getting Fat Due to Too Much Light?

A study in mice has shown that from two groups which got an equivalent amount of food, those mice from the group which had daylight around the clock, this means 24 hours per day, got fat, whereas the other group of mice, which have faced 8 hours darkness after 16 hours daylight stayed slim. The […]