Overweight: Thyroid Hormone T3 Facilitates Weight Loss

Study shows influence of the hormone triiodothyronine (T3) on weight loss

Vienna (2017-05-17) — There are already more overweight than underweight people worldwide. People affected by overweight and obesity often suffer from osteoarthritis, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes due to years of overloading the body. Attempts to reach and maintain the ideal weight usually fail because the lost kilos come back quickly. Now, Portuguese scientists have found a factor that has a major influence on the success of weight loss – the thyroid hormone triiodothyronine, or T3 for short.

“Hormones are the body’s own messengers, which are responsible for the human metabolism and therefore influence the body weight,” says DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, physician from Vienna who is active in the field of aesthetic and regenerative medicine. “The use of bioidentical thyroid hormones in the therapy of resistant overweight therefore proposes itself.” In his Clinic DDr. Heinrich® patients are supported in losing weight by individually customized therapies.

In the Portuguese study 649 patients with morbid obesity participated who, for this reason, previously underwent a surgical procedure. The scientists noticed that patients with good thyroid function, i.e., higher T3 levels, had lost significantly more weight after the surgery than the participants with lower T3 levels in the blood. A sufficient supply of the body with the thyroid hormone could therefore promote weight loss.

As the first step of medically-supported weight loss in the Clinic DDr. Heinrich® the patient’s current hormone status is assessed. In the course of therapy, missing hormones, including T3, are administered in bioidentical form (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, BHRT). Bioidentical hormones resemble human hormones in their structure. “Overweight is often the result of a thyroid problem. Taking the underlying thyroid disease into account is essential for a successful weight loss,” explains DDr. Heinrich.

As soon as the hormonal balance is restored by bioidentical hormones, attaining and maintaining the ideal weight with targeted dietary measures and changes of lifestyle habits usually become much easier. In stubborn problem zones, liposuction with microcannulas can be recommendable prior to the actual weight loss.

Hormonal balance rogether with a healthy T3 level does not only help with losing weight. Because hormones affect our entire body, treatment with bioidentical hormones can also help to improve overall well-being, increase performance, and rejuvenate the skin.

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Losing Weight Does Not Work – Is It the Thyroid’s Fault?

A patient suffering from stubborn overweight asks us:

Although I strictly adhere to diet and calorie reduction, I do not lose weight. Could this be due to my thyroid gland? The thyroid hormone levels are, however, in the normal range according to my last laboratory test.

In fact, a reduced thyroid function is one of the most common reasons why, despite calorie reduction, the desired weight loss fails. The thyroid is one of the most important hormonal glands. It produces the thyroid hormones T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine), which control the energy metabolism of the body.

Thyroid Problems Despite “Normal” Hormone Levels

Nevertheless, considerable activity losses of the thyroid gland can simply remain unrecognized because the hormone levels are classified as inconspicuous according to the laboratory findings. In fact, experience has shown that many laboratories define the “normal” range of thyroid hormone levels too wide and do not differentiate between age groups, body weight, etc.

Therefore, if your hormone levels have decreased, e.g., as a result of inflammation, but are still in the normal range, your findings are considered “normal”, although the activity of your thyroid gland has significantly changed and your thyroid gland is now producing too little thyroid hormones for your physical condition.

Weakness of the thyroid gland is often the result of inflammation (thyroiditis) or occurs in women after pregnancies. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, also known as Hashimoto, is a chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland due to a faulty reaction of the immune system. Symptoms of thyroid hormone deficiencies are, e.g., loss of appetite and coldness when getting up, overweight, as well as a swollen face and body.

Examination of the Thyroid Gland Prior to Weight Loss

We therefore always recommend a thorough analysis of the thyroid’s function in the case of problems with weight loss. Experience has shown that very rapid success can be achieved when the deficiency is treated with bioidentical thyroid hormones. Bioidentical hormones have the same structure as our body’s hormones.

Therapies for hormonal regeneration usually take 3 or 6 cycles (1 cycle = 28 days) and can be repeated as required. Once the thyroid hormones are balanced again and the energy metabolism has been restored, losing weight is usually much easier by changing the dietary and exercise habits.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Weight Loss: Why Don’t I Lose Weight?

A patient with weight problems writes us:

I am 56 years old and living in the U.S. I have approximately 50 kilos overweight – and that despite long-standing diet attempts. Now I hope that your hormone program can tell me the reason why I am steadily failing in losing weight.

Comprehensive Analysis of the Current State as Starting Point

At the beginning of a weight loss a comprehensive hormone analysis has to be done, because an imbalance of the hormone status is almost always involved in heavy overweight. To reduce weight successfully and in particular sustainably balanced hormone levels have to be restored, because the human metabolism can only in this state work optimally and burn the energy supplied.

Hormones are important messenger substances, which are normally produced as needed by our body. However, there are some factors, which can influence our hormonal glands’ capacity negatively and therefore lead to an imbalance. First and foremost is the increasing age that is responsible for a continuous performance loss of our hormonal glands. Distress and an exhausting way of life can additionally accelerate this process. The results of a hormonal imbalance can manifest themselves in different ways. Besides fatigue, premature aging, and loss of libido due to an impaired metabolism overweight can occur as well.

Weight Loss with Medical Support

For this reason a medically-assisted weight loss, as it is recommended for a sustainable and healthy weight reduction, starts with analyzing the actual hormone status. A medical examination is necessary as well to rule out any diseases. On basis of the obtained hormone values an individual therapy plan tailored on the patientʼs needs can be created. Besides an administration of bioidentical hormones the weight loss will be facilitated by additional measures like sport, dietary change, and, if required, aesthetic procedures for body forming.

The special character of a Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, BHRT) arises from the usage of bioidentical hormones. They correspond to our bodyʼs own hormones in their chemical structure and are therefore, with adequate dosing, safe in their application. Standard hormone replacement therapies (HRT), however, make use of synthesized “hormones” (actually hormone-like drugs) with a structure that differs from our natural hormones. These have due to numerous risks already fallen into dispute and are therefore less recommendable. The duration of a Hormonal Regeneration® depends on the extent of weight loss and can be repeated if required.

Fat Cells Produce Estrogen

Sometimes it makes sense to undergo a liposuction with microcannulas prior to the actual weight loss. In doing so stubborn fat deposits are removed. Because fat cells can produce estrogen, which would promote a further fat storage in a medically-assisted weight loss, it can be recommendable to reduce the amount of fat cells by means of liposuction. The procedure takes place on an outpatient basis and is performed under local anesthesia. Thus it can be graded as very gentle and low in risk.

During a medically-assisted weight loss the patient is in frequent contact with us. This means that the therapy program can be adapted any time depending on the progress. In order to remain healthy this process can take several months until reaching the desired weight.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Overweight Due to Lacking Hormones?

Recently a patient once again asked me if hormonal imbalances can cause overweight or conversely overweight can cause hormonal imbalances. Answer: Both can be correct! Thus we have to look closely at each individual case when planning a weight loss therapy.

One of the hormone-induced reasons for overweight could be a lack of thyroid hormones (T3, T4). They play a key role for a healthy energy metabolism. If these hormones are missing the body consumes less energy. In addition, the person concerned feels tired and lethargic – physical inactivity often occurs as a result. Excess energy is then stored quickly in our body in form of fat.

Numerous diseases connected with overweight trace back to hormonal imbalances. Excessive fat depots, for example, cause increased production of the hormones leptin and resistin by the fat cells. In amounts being found in healthy people these hormones are not only responsible for regulation of body weight, they also fulfill important tasks in the immune system. However, if present in excess they enhance immune reactions and therefore they also represent the underlying cause of arthrosis.

With Hormonal Regeneration® (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, BHRT) which is individually adapted to the patient’s requirements the hormonal balance can be restored by suppling the body with the lacking hormones in bioidentical form. Bioidentical hormones are nothing foreign to the body as they correspond to our hormones in their chemical structure.

Often certain hormone levels are increased due to overweight. Fat cells produce the hormone estrogen, which in turn promotes the storage of even more fat – a vicious circle. A gentle liposuction with microcannulas at “problem zones” should be done prior to the therapy with bioidentical hormones and change of lifestyle. Experience shows that then further weight reduction can be managed more easily.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Abdominal Fat More Important than Body Mass Index (BMI) Regarding Obesity Risks

A current study of the UMIT private university in Tyrol recommends measuring abdominal fat already in young people to detect risks of heart attack, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular diseases early. The more abdominal fat – also called belly fat or visceral fat – exists, the sooner changes of vascular structures seem to occur. In the worst case the blood flow gets interrupted, leading to severe secondary complications such as strokes.

Abdominal fat increases from the age of 25 years over the course of life by around 300 %. This could explain why heart attacks, strokes, and other diseases of the cardiovascular system rather appear at advanced age, but can be prevented already in early years.

People who maintain their ideal weight by doing sports regularly, eating moderately, or fasting occasionally reduce cholesterol deposits in vascular walls and thus decrease the risks of cardiovascular diseases. The Body Mass Index (BMI), which indicates the relation between body weight and body height, is said to be a good first risk indicator, however it does discriminate between fat and muscle mass. As a consequence misinterpretations can arise quite often – because muscles notably weigh more than fat! By all means it is recommendable to do a measurement of belly circumference in addition.

With reduction of abdominal fat by losing weight obesity-associated risks can fortunately be lowered again. Crash diets or even surgical interventions should wherever possible be avoided for reaching one’s ideal weight due to the yo-yo effect and high surgical or anesthetic risks.

Instead we prefer “healthy” slimming through medically-assisted weight loss, as offered in our clinic. After a comprehensive investigation of both hormonal and health status an individual therapy concept can be created, which also includes – apart from nutritional and sport measures – administration of bioidentical hormones or a selective liposuction at problem zones.

Medically-assisted weight loss mostly lasts either 3 or 6 cycles (1 cycle = 28 days). If necessary extensions or repetitions can be useful.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Janus Kinase: New Enzyme Found for Weight Loss?

The so-called Janus kinase is an enzyme which transforms white adipose tissue (WAT) into brown adipose tissue (BAT). Brown adipose tissue – unlike white adipose tissue – burns calories in fat cells to produce body warmth. Thereby unloved kilos would quasi melt away! Janus kinase, which up to now played a role as point of attack in the therapy of cancer, could also be applied therapeutically in other fields of medicine.

How important brown adipose tissue can be for weight reduction is shown in a study in mice. The mice got divided into two groups. Half of the mice, which have been permanently exposed to daylight, showed a considerable weight gain, whereas the others – at same amount of food, but with 8 hours less light exposure – could maintain their weight. The reason for this: The production of brown adipose tissue for energy burning is inhibited by too much daylight! Now researchers are looking for usable remedies to strengthen brown adipose tissue despite of light exposure.

Until this enzyme is therapeutically useable, there are other possibilities to lose unpleasant excess kilos. A therapy with bioidentical hormones (Bioidentical Hormonal Regeneration Therapy, BHRT) helps to lose weight by restoring the hormone balance, thereby preventing weight gain caused by hormonal imbalances.

Local fat pads can be removed by means of a smooth liposuction with microcannulas. Liposuction should be performed already prior to the actual weight loss, so that tissue can shrink up better through removal of fat cells, whereby sagging skin pockets can be avoided. Furthermore, by reducing the number of fat cells the production of estrogen is reduced, which is also relevant for a sustainable weight loss.

A further way for supporting weight loss is the intake of the natural carbohydrate blocker Weight Loss Phaseolin, available in our web shop. The extract obtained from white kidney beans inhibits the conversion of excess carbohydrates into body fat by binding them in the small intestine. As a result they get discharged unused without being stored in the body’s fat pads.

We keep you informed about new developments regarding weight loss.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

WHO Raises an Alarm: Obesity Menaces Europe

The World Health Organization WHO is warning: Europe will be affected by an adiposity epidemic in 15 years. Adiposity is not only connected with a higher risk of cancer (especially colon cancer), but severe obesity is bringing much more health problems with it, which affect the heart, circulation, joints, or metabolism, among others.

It seems like there are many reasons for this development, but especially of course it is the excess supply with carbohydrates which comes along with copying the eating habits common in the U.S. Also an altered enteric flora can make thick laboratory mice out of thin ones. But how is remedy possible without elaborate surgeries such as gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, as well as medicamentous therapy?

Essential for sustainable weight loss is a reduction of calories supplied via nutrition (especially reduction of carbohydrates), waiving of artificial sweeteners (such as those included in light products), frequent fasting, and medically-assisted weight loss.

The medically-assisted weight loss enables a controlled, sustainable weight reduction without crash diets or other harmful measures, which often entail the undesired yo-yo effect.

The therapy starts with a comprehensive analysis of the current health condition. Beneath medical examination and special anamnesis also blood values and hormone levels are checked. On this basis an individual therapy plan is created, which includes administration of bioidentical hormones as well as change of diet and lifestyle habits.

If there are yet still some superfluous fat pads, liposuction can help. In most cases it is recommendable to do the liposuction of diet-resistant “problem zones” prior to further measures of weight reduction. Fat deposits produce estrogens, which stimulate the body to store further fat.

The weight loss program is usually performed over a period of several months. During the entire therapy there is frequent close contact to us. The treatment success is controlled by keeping a diet logbook and the therapy is adapted to current conditions as required.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Getting Fat Due to Too Much Light?

A study in mice has shown that from two groups which got an equivalent amount of food, those mice from the group which had daylight around the clock, this means 24 hours per day, got fat, whereas the other group of mice, which have faced 8 hours darkness after 16 hours daylight stayed slim.

The weight gain between the two groups of mice seems to be connected with the fact that so-called brown adipose tissue (BAT), which has to burn much energy for production of body heat can be inhibited by too much light. On the contrary, white fat tissue (WAT) acts as energy storage in the body.

Now researchers are looking for medicine which is able to strengthen brown fat despite a lot of light. We keep you informed about the newest developments on our blog!

A sustainable weight reduction can already be reached today with an therapy tailor-made to the patient’s needs, including liposuction, bioidentical hormones, and a change of lifestyle habits.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Melting Away Fat Pads with Twincretin?

For several years the fitness sector is booming, because both men and women hardly spare any effort to reach their desired figure. However, many of them suffer from persistent problem areas, which can just be reduced insufficiently despite intensive workout. In particularly severe forms of this problem, such as obesity or lipedema, social exclusion, isolation, a considerable psychological distress and a variety of physical diseases (heart diseases, osteoarthritis, diabetes) may be consequences of excess weight.

New approaches in science now give hope to those who cannot reach their figure ambitions only with the help of liposuction, strict diet and training. It nearly sounds too good to be true: A new, artificially produced substance named “twincretin” obviously makes fad pads melt away – however it is currently tested in laboratory rats only.

Twincretin is a complex protein molecule (peptide), which replicates peptide hormones that are important for digestion. It is able to regulate the blood sugar level and to suppress the appetite. Does this ring in a new age, in which the ideal body weight can be achieved without effort? As a reader of my blog you know that the hormonal balance is important for the ideal body weight. Thus there is generally no need for artificial peptide hormones, whose harmlessness of usage in humans would furthermore have to be discussed.

Fortunately the knowledge we already have in our repertoire is sufficient to treat overweight effectively. The reduction of excess kilos and maintenance of the ideal body weight in the long term can nonetheless be protracted and grueling. Therefore many patients decide for a therapy for medically-supported weight loss. The concept for weight loss provided in my clinic is made up of several steps. Because the reason for overweight is often related to hormonal imbalance an extensive analysis of the hormonal and health status is made at the beginning.

During such a weight loss therapy application of bioidentical hormones to remedy hormonal imbalances and to stimulate the metabolism might be useful. For sustainable weight loss in addition a diet change is essential.

Food supplements can also be helpful. Weight Loss Phaseolin, which is made out of white beans, prevents absorption of carbohydrates from the intestine into the body where they are stored in form of fat pads.

Targeted liposuction of problem areas often turns out as reasonable to support losing weight. Fat tissue produces the female hormone estrogen, which causes the storage of fat also in men. A reduction of fat deposits with the help of liposuction can contribute to restoring the hormonal balance. Liposuction should in any case be performed prior to further measures for weight loss, because afterwards additional weight reduction is usually easier and degeneration of excess tissue is stimulated.

Perhaps we will also use therapeutic aids such as twincretin in weight loss once it is clear how they affect the human metabolism. However, to waive sports and to dishonor healthy nutrition would not be an alternative anyway. Not least because high-quality nutrition is a delight itself, physical activity gives pleasure and both increase the quality of life. And this is what finally matters.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Why Do Students Often Stay Slim?

And that despite the fact that they can consume pizza, burger and pasta, complete with sweets, in vast amounts? This is for sure because of metabolism, study stress and their excessive club life at night as well, but also because of their habit of eating very irregularly, often with long breaks in between.

These fasting breaks are responsible for their ability to maintain weight. Does this also apply to adults? Of course, we also maintain our ideal body weight easier by letting lapse away 14 to 36 hours between meals. And no sweet “snacks” in the meantime ;-)!

DDr. Heinrich, MD