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Weight Loss: Why Don’t I Lose Weight?

A patient with weight problems writes us: I am 56 years old and living in the U.S. I have approximately 50 kilos overweight – and that despite long-standing diet attempts. Now I hope that your hormone program can tell me the reason why I am steadily failing in losing weight. Comprehensive Analysis of the Current […]

Abdominal Fat More Important than Body Mass Index (BMI) Regarding Obesity Risks

A current study of the UMIT private university in Tyrol recommends measuring abdominal fat already in young people to detect risks of heart attack, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular diseases early. The more abdominal fat – also called belly fat or visceral fat – exists, the sooner changes of vascular structures seem to occur. In the […]

WHO Raises an Alarm: Obesity Menaces Europe

The World Health Organization WHO is warning: Europe will be affected by an adiposity epidemic in 15 years. Adiposity is not only connected with a higher risk of cancer (especially colon cancer), but severe obesity is bringing much more health problems with it, which affect the heart, circulation, joints, or metabolism, among others. It seems […]

Getting Fat Due to Too Much Light?

A study in mice has shown that from two groups which got an equivalent amount of food, those mice from the group which had daylight around the clock, this means 24 hours per day, got fat, whereas the other group of mice, which have faced 8 hours darkness after 16 hours daylight stayed slim. The […]

Why Do Students Often Stay Slim?

And that despite the fact that they can consume pizza, burger and pasta, complete with sweets, in vast amounts? This is for sure because of metabolism, study stress and their excessive club life at night as well, but also because of their habit of eating very irregularly, often with long breaks in between. These fasting […]

Fasting: Longer Life Without Overweight

Now it is proven by studies in mice: Frequent longer breaks between meals are more important for our health than the exact type of food we eat! Why? Fasting does obviously switch on the body’s own cleaning program named autophagy (“self digestion”), by which our body cleans itself by degrading toxins and defective cell components. […]

Weight Loss: Hoodia Causes Decrease in Appetite

Hoodia, a substance of a milk weed plant which belongs to the succulents acts as appetite suppressant. Hoodia is used by South African natives since centuries to allow long marches through the savanna without disturbing hungry feeling. So hoodia is able to support weight loss. African tribes using hoodia also tell that it in addition […]

Being Overweight: Weight Loss through Dietary Change

Being overweight or obese can occur due to hormonal imbalances. In some instances, this may be attributable to thyroid problems, for example Hashimoto. However, obesity is predominantly due to an inappropriate dietary regime, i.e., eating too much, and above all, consuming a diet rich in carbohydrates such as pasta/noodles, potatoes, rice, bread, and especially sugar. […]

Losing Weight with Chocolate?

Is this possible? Yes, but of course not by eating conventional chocolate which includes sugar or artificial sweeteners. Who adores the endorphin thrill given by chocolate without risking a gain in weight has to grab at 100 % bitter chocolate. This requires a certain habituation, but turns to account: Chocolate contains valuable plant compounds like antioxidants […]

Weight Loss: Phaseolin Helps

Phaseolin, a bean plants agent, reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from food through the intestines. Thus phaseolin is able to support slimming. You can purchase fat-away capsules with phaseolin in our shop. DDr. Heinrich, MD