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Abdominal Fat More Important than Body Mass Index (BMI) Regarding Obesity Risks

A current study of the UMIT private university in Tyrol recommends measuring abdominal fat already in young people to detect risks of heart attack, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular diseases early. The more abdominal fat – also called belly fat or visceral fat – exists, the sooner changes of vascular structures seem to occur. In the […]

WHO Raises an Alarm: Obesity Menaces Europe

The World Health Organization WHO is warning: Europe will be affected by an adiposity epidemic in 15 years. Adiposity is not only connected with a higher risk of cancer (especially colon cancer), but severe obesity is bringing much more health problems with it, which affect the heart, circulation, joints, or metabolism, among others. It seems […]

Getting Fat Due to Too Much Light?

A study in mice has shown that from two groups which got an equivalent amount of food, those mice from the group which had daylight around the clock, this means 24 hours per day, got fat, whereas the other group of mice, which have faced 8 hours darkness after 16 hours daylight stayed slim. The […]

Melting Away Fat Pads with Twincretin?

For several years the fitness sector is booming, because both men and women hardly spare any effort to reach their desired figure. However, many of them suffer from persistent problem areas, which can just be reduced insufficiently despite intensive workout. In particularly severe forms of this problem, such as obesity or lipedema, social exclusion, isolation, […]