WHO Raises an Alarm: Obesity Menaces Europe

The World Health Organization WHO is warning: Europe will be affected by an adiposity epidemic in 15 years. Adiposity is not only connected with a higher risk of cancer (especially colon cancer), but severe obesity is bringing much more health problems with it, which affect the heart, circulation, joints, or metabolism, among others.

It seems like there are many reasons for this development, but especially of course it is the excess supply with carbohydrates which comes along with copying the eating habits common in the U.S. Also an altered enteric flora can make thick laboratory mice out of thin ones. But how is remedy possible without elaborate surgeries such as gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, as well as medicamentous therapy?

Essential for sustainable weight loss is a reduction of calories supplied via nutrition (especially reduction of carbohydrates), waiving of artificial sweeteners (such as those included in light products), frequent fasting, and medically-assisted weight loss.

The medically-assisted weight loss enables a controlled, sustainable weight reduction without crash diets or other harmful measures, which often entail the undesired yo-yo effect.

The therapy starts with a comprehensive analysis of the current health condition. Beneath medical examination and special anamnesis also blood values and hormone levels are checked. On this basis an individual therapy plan is created, which includes administration of bioidentical hormones as well as change of diet and lifestyle habits.

If there are yet still some superfluous fat pads, liposuction can help. In most cases it is recommendable to do the liposuction of diet-resistant “problem zones” prior to further measures of weight reduction. Fat deposits produce estrogens, which stimulate the body to store further fat.

The weight loss program is usually performed over a period of several months. During the entire therapy there is frequent close contact to us. The treatment success is controlled by keeping a diet logbook and the therapy is adapted to current conditions as required.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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