Being Overweight: Weight Loss through Dietary Change

Being overweight or obese can occur due to hormonal imbalances. In some instances, this may be attributable to thyroid problems, for example Hashimoto. However, obesity is predominantly due to an inappropriate dietary regime, i.e., eating too much, and above all, consuming a diet rich in carbohydrates such as pasta/noodles, potatoes, rice, bread, and especially sugar.

Nowadays, sugar is mixed into many industrially processed foods without the consumer’s knowledge. Therefore, sugar is often present in ham, sausages, cold meats, cornflakes, etc.

In my opinion, a healthy and balanced dietary regime is a “Stone Age” diet, in other words a diet that contains lots of meat, fat, fruit, and vegetables; however with small amounts of grain products and other carbohydrates.

My team and I are happy to guide and assist you through a medically-assisted weight loss therapy on your journey to your ideal weight.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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